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A Map of My Want

A Map of My Want follows a nonbinary femme on their long walk home from a rural county jail as they contemplate how threesomes, quantum mechanics, beaches and nature hikes led them to an epic journey of sexual liberation.

An offspring of Audre Lorde’s seminal essay “Uses of the Erotic,” Hicks’s A Map of My Want follows a nonbinary femme as they explore the sensual intersection of the personal and the political, a crossroads to which their sexual liberation brought them after their escape from a religious cult. Lyrically, Hicks interprets the US Declaration of Independence's infamous “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for themselves. Combining storytelling with Western astrology, this poetry collection is an intimate erotic spell through which Hicks conjures joy as they develop an alternate theory on how to attain happiness—through ecstatic healing.

  • “A Map of My Want is an essential collection that burns with resilience, eroticism, and the pursuit of freedom on every page.”
    Ruben Quesada, author and editor of Latinx Poetics: Essays on the Art of Poetry

    “Faylita Hicks's A Map of My Want is a poetic knowing of jail, sleeping cots, bills, and of riding feral pleasures beyond to the self's heat. Their poetry sings, and invites the reader to sing along—ecstatically.”
    Maud Lavin, author of Push Comes to Shove

    “Each poem in A Map Of My Want  is a special magic that inhabits the deepest parts of the psyche, digs in, and resists forgetting.”
    Airea D. Matthews, author of Bread and Circus

    A Map of My Want vividly paints a theology of self-love, one that transcends the shifting world around it and somehow anchors us, firm-footed, in the wanderlust of belonging.”
    Deborah Mouton, author of Black Chameleon

    “Reading A Map of My Want—so muscular, impassioned, and wide-awake—it's not difficult to believe that bull’s-eye poetry is alchemy, that healing the un-nursed self is healing the world.” 
    Cyrus Cassells, author of Is There Room for Another Horse on Your Horse Ranch?

    “Too often we are fooled into thinking we are in control of our desires—Faylita Hicks is gracious in the correction of our folly, in reminding us that the body always draws the map, and we merely follow it.”
    Taylor Byas, author of I Done Clicked My Heels Three Times

  • "The work reflects her belief in radically renovating established systems (such as jail or the sexual binary) to obtain a meaningful sense of wellbeing. In her poet-activist role, Hicks demonstrates that the written word has great power in the process of meaningful change."
    —Emily Sipiora, Chicago Review of Books

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