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Ebook downloads

You can purchase ebooks directly from this website. When possible, we will offer ebooks bundled with print books purchased from us.

Ebooks from the Haymarket website are DRM-free and will work on any of your devices—but they can’t be uploaded to websites or file-sharing networks (here are our full terms and conditions).

Once you purchase an ebook, you can download it as an epub file (which will work on every reader or device, now including the Kindle). This file will remain available on your Library page to download again any time.

Depending on your ebook reader you can either: click on the file (on an iPad/iPhone), receive it wirelessly by email (Kindle), or connect your device and drag-and-drop the downloaded file.

If you would rather buy Haymarket ebooks for your device directly from Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, or Sony, then they'll be delivered to by these providers with Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied. Ebooks purchased from other vendors will not be available on your Haymarket downloads page.

If you have any problems with ordering print books from Haymarket, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Start reading right away on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac

If you're using iOS (for iPad or iPhone), you should be able to click on the download link for the epub file and then select "Open in iBooks". On your Mac, simply open the epub file with the iBooks application. To read the book on your other devices you can either use Sync Collections in iBooks, or get the epub file delivered to you by email and open it from Mail. At any time, you can also log in to your account on the Haymarket website and go to your Library page to download the epub file again.

Start reading right away on your Android device

If you are using an Android phone or tablet you can open epub files in the Google Play Books app. In the app settings, tap to enable PDF uploading. Download the epub file from our website, or email it to yourself and save it to your downloads or files folder on your device. Find the file and Tap MoreMoreand thenOpen Withand thenPlay Books or Upload to Play Books

Start reading right away on your Kindle

If you’re using a Kindle or the Kindle app, you will have a Send-to-Kindle email address ending in (it’s usually [email protected], and it can be found at the Manage your Devices page at Manage your Kindle). Go to your Library page and use the "email this ebook" links to send the files to your personal email. Then, forward this email to your Send-to-Kindle email address. Other options for sending files to your Kindle are outlined here.

Or download to your Nook, Kobo, etc...

With some e-readers you will need to download the file to your computer, then connect your device to your computer—probably with a USB cable—and drag the file to your device’s books or documents folder.

Reading your ebook on a Windows desktop computer

To read ebooks on a Windows desktop, you will first need to download an ebook-reading program, such as Adobe Digital Editions or Sumatra Reader. Once installed, you can download and open the epub file. If your ebook appears as a zip file it means that you have yet to download the necessary software to read it.

Reading your ebook on a Mac desktop computer

To read ebooks on a Mac desktop, you will first need to download an ebook-reading program, such as Apple iBooks. Once installed, you can download and open the epub file.

Still having problems?

We’ve made every effort to ensure that Haymarket ebooks are readable on any device or computer. If you think something went wrong with the download, you can re-download your ebook at any time from your Library page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

If you're still having problems, then please write to us at [email protected].