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Abolishing State Violence
A World Beyond Bombs, Borders, and Cages

Abolishing State Violence calls for the abolition of structures of violence, including police, prisons, borders, war, nuclear weapons, surveillance, and capitalism.

Abolishing State Violence provides accessible insights and analysis about some of the key structures of violence in our world today, as well as the ongoing activism for their abolition.

The chapters of this book connect various movements for social justice, providing ideas for how activists can support and build on each other’s analysis and strategy. It shows that there are many, mutually supportive, abolition movements, each enhanced by a shared understanding of the relationships among various structures of violence and a shared framework for challenging them on the basis of their roots in patriarchy, racism, militarism, settler colonialism, and capitalism.

The book argues that abolition is transformative. It is about defunding, demilitarizing, disbanding, and divesting from current structures of violence, but also about imagining new ways to organize and care for each other and our planet, and about building new systems and cultures to sustain ourselves in a more equitable, free, and peaceful way. It shows that change is possible.

  • Praise for Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy

    “This is a powerful and encouraging approach to an often overlooked concern, an informative work that will inspire readers to pay close attention to and even consider participating in the nuclear weapons disarmament movement.” Booklist

    “Hooray for the peacemakers, who prevail in the end! They—and Acheson—have gifted us with a deliciously relevant organizing model for challenging any status quo.” —CODEPINK: Women for Peace

    “Ray Acheson tells a profoundly important and timely story of movements and resistance, of protest and vision, of diplomats and activists who have committed to banning the bomb. This book will make you understand the urgent need to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons.” —Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editorial Director and Publisher, The Nation

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    Edited by Lucy Diavolo

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    An incisive collection of essays from an author who is consistently ahead of the curve.

  • We Do This 'Til We Free Us

    A reflection on prison industrial complex abolition and a vision for collective liberation from organizer and educator Mariame Kaba.

  • Struggle Is What Makes Us Human

    Two brilliant and influential minds look beyond capitalism, and chart a roadmap for a planet ravaged by pandemics, a climate crisis, and wars.