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US Trotskyism 1928–1965 Part III: Resurgence
Uneven and Combined Development. Dissident Marxism in the United States: Volume 4

U.S. Trotskyism 1928-1965 Part III: Resurgence is the third volume in a documentary trilogy on a revolutionary socialist split-off from the U.S. Communist Party, reflecting Leon Trotsky's confrontation with Stalinism in the global communist movement. Spanning 1954 to 1965, this volume surveys the Cold War era, the civil rights and Black liberation movements, the "third wave" of feminism, and other social and cultural developments of the 1950s and 1960s. Documenting responses to a variety of anti-colonial and revolutionary insurgencies, the content of this volume is also shaped by the crisis and decline of Stalinism. Attention is given to internal debates and splits, but also to the partial reunification of the international Trotskyist movement (the Fourth International), as well as substantial contributions to the study of history and the development of Marxist theory. Scholars and activists will find much of interest in these primary sources.


Other books edited by Paul Le Blanc and Bryan D. Palmer