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US Trotskyism 1928–1965 Part II: Endurance
The Coming American Revolution. Dissident Marxism in the United States: Volume 3

U.S. Trotskyism 1928-1965 Part II: Endurance is the second volume in a documentary trilogy on a revolutionary socialist split-off from the U.S. Communist Party, reflecting Leon Trotsky's confrontation with Stalinism in the global communist movement. Spanning 1941 to 1956, this volume surveys the Second World War (internationally and on the "homefront"), the momentous post-war strike wave, ongoing efforts to comprehend and struggle against racism, as well as the early years of the Cold War and anti-communist repression in the United States. Also covered are internal debates and splits among Trotskyists themselves, including a far-reaching split in the international Trotskyist movement (the Fourth International) in the face of a persistent and expanding Stalinism. Scholars and activists will find much of interest in these primary sources.


Other books edited by Thomas Bias, Paul Le Blanc, et al.