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US Trotskyism 1928–1965 Part I: Emergence
Left Opposition in the United States. Dissident Marxism in the United States: Volume 2

U.S. Trotskyism 1928-1965 Part I: Emergence is the first of a documentary trilogy on a revolutionary socialist split-off from the U.S. Communist Party, reflecting Leon Trotsky's confrontation with Stalinism in the global communist movement. Spanning 1928 to 1940, this volume surveys important U.S. labor struggles in the 1930s, early efforts to comprehend the so-called "Negro Question," and substantial contributions to the study of history and the development of Marxist theory. Also covered are confrontations and convergences with other currents on the left, internal debates and splits among Trotskyists themselves, and US government attempts to suppress their activities. Scholars and activists will find much of interest in these primary sources.


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