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Perfect Victims
Mohammed El-Kurd's highly anticipated nonfiction debut, a scathing examination of “humanization” as a political tactic of the marginalized and their allies, and a powerful call to build advocacy strategies rooted in dignity and defiance.
  • Praise for Rifqa

    Mohammed El-Kurd’s poetry is a home returned to us”

    —aja monet

    “These are poems that hurl themselves at the boundaries of what poems can do”

    —Ahdaf Soueif

    “A symbolic masterpiece”

    —The New Arab

    “Remarkable debut”

    Los Angeles Review of Books

    “The words that Mohammed assembles in his poems are … snatched from clouds”


    “We should be grateful that this is Kurd’s first book rather than his last, and that we can look forward to many decades of poetic innovation from this extraordinarily multifaceted and politically engaged poet”

    Middle East Eye

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