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It Did Happen Here
The Rise of Fascism in Contemporary Society

It Did Happen Here demonstrates that fascism, far from being a far away historical anomaly, has actually happened in contemporary society, most notably in America post-2016.

Milan Zafirovski classifies and discusses the main elements of fascism to see if these reveal and replicate themselves in America post-2016. He discovers the specific syndromes of fascism in America post-2016 that reveal and replicate universal fascist features. The book goes on to analyze the main social causes of fascism in America post-2016, then identifies primary counterforces to fascism in America and elsewhere.

Lastly, It Did Happen Here constructs a composite fascism index and calculates fascism indexes for Western and comparable societies like OECD countries. These indexes provide suggestive evidence that fascism happened in America and other OECD countries, even if not in Western Europe, especially Scandinavia.


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