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Capitalist Dictatorship
A Study of Its Social Systems, Dimensions, Forms and Indicators

In this incisive new study, Milan Zafirovski identifies and investigates the resurgence of capitalist dictatorship in contemporary society, especially after 2016. The book introduces the concept of capitalist dictatorship to the academic audience for the first time. It examines the capitalist dictatorship as a total social system composed of specific systems such as a coercive economy, repressive polity, illiberal civil society, and irrational culture in contrast to liberal democracy. Capitalist Dictatorship also investigates multiple dimensions, forms, and indicators of capitalist dictatorship, and calculates degrees of capitalist dictatorship for contemporary Western and comparable societies, such as OECD countries. Capitalist dictatorship, including autocracy, Zafirovski argues, is the gravest threat to contemporary democratic society post-2016.


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