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Capitalism, Technology, Labor
Socialist Register Reader Vol 2

The Socialist Register has been at the forefront of intellectual enquiry and strategic debate on the left for five decades. This expertly curated collection analyzes technological innovation against the backdrop of the recurrent crises and forms of class struggle distinctive to capitalism.

As we enter what some term the "fourth industrial revolution" and both mainstream commentators and the left grapple with the implications of rapid technological development, this volume is a timely and crucial resource for those looking to build a political strategy attentive to sweeping changes in how we produce goods and live our lives.

  • “The intellectual lodestone for the international Left since 1964.”
    —Mike Davis

    “Compulsory reading for people who refuse to be resigned to the idea that there can be no alternative to our unacceptable society.”
    —Daniel Singer

    “Socialism has always been about democracy, human rights and internationalism…that faith is what has characterized the work of the Socialist Register.”
    —Tony Benn

    “I know the Register very well and have found it extremely stimulating, often invaluable.”
    —Noam Chomsky

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