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The Dialectics of the Religious and the Secular
Studies on the Future of Religion
The Dialectics of the Religious and the Secular: Studies on the Future of Religion contains the work of fifteen international scholars who have wrestled with the question of the relevancy, meaning, and future of religion within the context of the increasing antagonisms between the religious and secular realms of modern civil society and its globalization. Through their chosen topics in analyzing these issues in the 20th and 21st centuries, each author also indicates the possibility of mitigating if not preventing the continuation of this antagonism by historically moving toward a more reconciled and humane future global society.

Contributors are: Branko Ancic, Aleksandra Baranova, Roland T. Boer, Francis Brassard, Dustin Byrd, Donald Devon III, Neven Duvnjak, Jan W. R. Fennema, Denis R. Janz, Dinka Marinovic Jerolimov, Gottfried Küenzlen, Mislav Kukoc, Michael R. Ott, Rudolf J. Siebert, and Ivica Sokol.

Other books edited by Michael R. Ott