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Digital Fissures
Bodies, Genders, Technologies

Digital Fissures offers numerous lenses through which to explore the relationships between genders, bodies and technologies. It rethinks feminist archives, argues for inserting postpornography into academia, approaching sex toys from a transpositive perspective, and examines attempts to dismantle the foundations of techno-capitalism. Each chapter works to reimagine the body as a hybrid, malleable and subversive source of potentiality. These essays provide readers with road maps for unimagined and uncharted social scapes: guides to working within a space of monstrosity demanded by the relationship between bodies-technologies-genders. Through this embodied discomfort, Digital Fissures questions existing techno-social norms, and imagines transfeminist futures.

Contributors are: Carlotta Cossutta, Valentina Greco, Arianna Mainardi, Stefania Voli, Lucía Egña Rojas, Ludovico Virtù;, Angela Balzano, Obiezione Respinta, Elisa Virgili, Rachele Borghi, and Diego Marchante "Genderhacker".