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The Dialectics of Capital (volume 1)
A Study of the Inner Logic of Capitalism

Volume 1 of The Dialectics of Capital

This is the first book written in English to build upon the important and underappreciated work of Japanese economist Kōzō Uno (1897-1977) and his efforts to expose the "thing-in-itself (or inner logic)" of capitalism. Following the form of argument first elaborated in Hegel's Logic, Sekine shows that neither "bourgeois-liberal" nor even "conventionally-Marxist" economics possess a logical (and thus objective) knowledge of capitalism as such, and therefore fail to understand some of its fundamental aspects.

Originally completed in typescript and privately published at York University, Canada, in 1983, The Dialectics of Capital's influence was profound despite its very small first run. As contemporary capitalism stumbles from crisis to crisis, this book can serve as a dependable guide for those aiming to correctly terminate a system that has long since outgrown its usefulness.


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