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Dependency, Neoliberalism and Globalization in Latin America

The Marxist Theory of Dependency (TMD) managed to explain both the insertion of peripheral societies into the international market and the capital accumulation processes of each country. This theory has become an essential tool for those endeavoring to understand our world. Since Ruy Mauro Marini laid out its foundations, however, many transformations have occurred in global capitalism and in our societies. It has become necessary to update this important theory in the face of a more complex context.

The real test of theory is its adequacy as an instrument of understanding contemporary reality. The TMD has been enriched and renewed, in this regard, by the work of Carlos Eduardo Martins. He persuasively considers capitalism from the perspective of anti-capitalism, dependence from the standpoint of emancipation, and our present reality through a vision for its revolutionary transformation.

This book is a revised edition of a work first published in 2011 as Globalização, dependência e neoliberalismo na América Latina by Boitempo Editorial, São Paulo, Brazil.