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Value and Crisis
Essays on Labour, Money and Contemporary Capitalism

Value and Crisis brings together selected essays written by Alfredo Saad-Filho, one of the most prominent Marxist political economists writing today. Divided into two parts, "Essays on the Theory of Value" and "Essays on Contemporary Capitalism," this book examines the labour theory of value from a rich and innovative perspective from which fresh insights are derived. In this volume, Saad-Filho cogently discusses the nature of neoliberalism, financialisation, inflation, monetary policy, the contradictions, limitations and crises of contemporary capitalism, and more.

  • "In his new book, Value and Crisis, Alfredo Saad-Filho shows that there is a close relationship between neoliberalism and capitalism...[He] has done Marxism a great favour by providing us with some of the clearest theoretical work on neoliberalism to date. The book would be appropriate for a course on international political economy, as well as in Marxist study groups. Value and Crisis is one of the finest works of Marxist scholarship on neoliberalism, and should be studied by every student of Marxism."
    —Fabian Van Onzen, Marx and Philosohpy Review of Books

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