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Books for changing the world
Haymarket House

At Haymarket Books, we have always understood that it is not books alone but people organizing together that will change the world.

To that end, we’ve built our publishing program around the idea of creating and growing reading communities. Haymarket House is our next chapter: a space where culture, politics, and community can intersect and thrive in the heart of Chicago. As a home for reading groups and author events, organizing conversations and grassroots collaboration, Haymarket House will be part of the vibrant political culture in Chicago, a city which has been Haymarket’s home for the last 20 years.

This year, Haymarket Books will move into our new home in Chicago—Haymarket House—that will hold both our publishing offices and space for community events. Haymarket House will be a place for authors, activists, and the community to come together for readings, events, film screenings, workshops, study groups, and other activities.

Chicago has a rich, dynamic tradition of struggle and the Uptown neighborhood in particular has historically been a vital heart of social justice movements in the city.  Haymarket House hopes to be a hub of community activity, book discussions, and ongoing political conversations where movement activists and community members can learn collectively from one another.

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