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"Haymarket Books is one of the few publishers in our country that is truly dedicated to changing our world by changing our minds for good -- holding up a clear mirror so we might see ourselves better and helping us to reimagine what we can and should be as people, as communities, as nations and as a species struggling to live peaceably on an imperiled planet."
—Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

"Intelligent, provocative, and indispensable, Haymarket continues to lead the way for radical voices today."
—Angela Y. Davis, Haymarket author

"Books can be the sparks for revolution. I am so grateful for all Haymarket Books has done for the past 15 years to fuel the subterranean fire of protest. They are my go-to publisher for radical politics and the ideas we need for our struggles."
—Tom Morello, musician and Haymarket author

“Haymarket is the independent press that has proven its commercial viability by offering up something truly unique in the marketplace: books that change lives. Any other publisher could replicate this business model. You just have to be fearless, value politically independence over profit, and have the ability to anticipate the cutting edge of debate in a rapidly changing world. That's all. Here’s hoping the rest of the publishing world tries to emulate the principles Haymarket has put on display since day one.”
—Dave Zirin, Haymarket author

  • How We Get Free

  • Whose Story Is This?

  • Fighting Fascism

  • Capitalism and Disability

  • The New Authoritarians

  • Aftershocks of Disaster

  • Marx at the Arcade

  • '