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Haymarket Books LIVE

Beginning in March of 2020, Haymarket has collaborated with our authors and a range of other partners to present Haymarket Books LIVE: a wide-ranging series of free, online, political education events to help sustain our collective political, cultural, and social lives in the midst of health, economic, climate, and political crises.

Haymarket Books LIVE has now produced several hundred events aimed at fostering struggle, solidarity, and debate, on topics including police and prison abolition, anti-racism and Black liberation, the past and present of the labor movement, feminism and reproductive justice, opening and abolishing borders, education justice, radical poetry, and much more. 

While all of our online events are freely available, we ask that those who are able make a solidarity donation in support of our continuing to do this work.

Follow Haymarket on Eventbrite to make sure you never miss an event.

Past events can be browsed as videos on our YouTube channel or as audio on our Apple Podcast feed (or wherever you listen to your podcasts). Please subscribe and engage with our events wherever you find them; this helps more people encounter these important conversations!

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, May 22, 1pm ET

Palestine: Ground Zero of a Liberated World   RSVP

Thursday, May 23, 8pm ET

Break the Bonds: Divest from Israel Bonds, Invest in Freedom   RSVP

Friday, May 24, 7:30pm ET

Degrowth Communism: Envisioning a World Beyond Capitalism   RSVP

Tuesday, May 28, 6pm ET

Islamic Anarchism, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Black Self-Determination   RSVP

Tuesday, June 4, 5pm ET

Defund: Conversations toward Abolition   RSVP

Tuesday, June 11, 7pm ET

Witness: An Insider's Narrative of the Carceral State   RSVP


  • Abolition. Feminism. Now.

  • We Do This 'Til We Free Us

  • To Govern the Globe

  • Watch My Smoke

  • The Sentences That Create Us

  • '