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Books for changing the world

Flash Sale: 60% Off select titles!

Flash Sale: 60% Off some of our favorite books for a limited time only!*

Discount applies to selected formats only, and excludes UK editions.

In this powerful and wide-ranging collection, Rebecca Solnit turns her attention to battles over meaning, place, language, and belonging at the heart of the defining crises of our time. 

Erik Olin Wright, one of the most important sociologists of his time, takes us along on his intimate and brave journey toward death, and asks the big questions about human mortality.

In this urgent and incisive collection of new interviews bookended by two new essays, Marc Lamont Hill critically examines the “pre-existing conditions” that have led us to this moment of crisis and upheaval, guiding us through both the perils and possibilities, and helping us imagine an abolitionist future.

“This book makes a vital contribution to the struggles of the peoples of the Americas to defend themselves against the coup d’etats that anti-democratic elites of the hemisphere have unleashed again, albeit cloaked in new garments.” —Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil

“A deeply moral and utterly human meditation on the nature of our despair and the means by which it can be transformed...Here is the exact book we need for the troubled historical moment through which we are living.” —Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Police and police violence are modes of environment-making. This edited volume argues that any effort to understand racialized police violence is incomplete without a focus on the role of police in constituting and reinforcing patterns of environmental racism.

The memoir of Gwendolyn Midlo Hall offers today's activists and readers an accessible and intimate examination of a crucial era in American radical history.

Featuring 30 poems, 30 artworks, an author statement and an interview, Too Much Midnight emerges at the intersection of poetics, popular culture, and the dynamic histories of the African Diaspora.

The photographs collected in this unique book provide a startling visual documentation of seminal revolutionary events, from the Paris Commune of 1871 through to a series of "Unfinished Revolutions", from May 1968 in France to the Zapatista uprising in the mid-1990s. Extensive commentary on the images is provided by leading historians Gilbert Achcar, Enzo Traverso, Janette Habel, Pierre Rousset, and Michael Löwy.

Drawing on his original reporting as well as archival research, Brendan O'Connor investigates how the capitalist class and the radical right mobilize racism to defend their interests, while focusing on one of the most pressing issues of our time: immigration.

Through the intertwining lives of its characters, Yellow Earth lays bare how the profit motive erodes human relationships, as well as our living planet. The fate of Yellow Earth serves as a parable for our times.

"[A] searing memoir... essential reading for all who care about this country—past and future." —Heather Ann Thompson

“A provocative, stimulating, and deeply radical set of reflections on the meaning of revolution today. This is a book for everyone who wants to change the world.” —David McNally

"Willie Perdomo is a necessary and insistent voice in the current American literary scene." —Publishers Weekly

The Brother You Choose is a landmark book for anyone who wants to understand the deep connectivity of Black America. It provides a ringside seat to the bruising fight for Civil Rights with two men, Eddie Conway and Paul Coates, as they provide necessary lessons on politics, change, community and enduring bonds.” —Walter Mosley

Barbara Ellen Smith's essential study, now with an updated introduction and conclusion, charts the struggles of miners and their families from the birth of the Black Lung Movement in 1968 to the present-day importance of demands for environmental justice through proposals like the Green New Deal. 

“An invaluable resource for the new generation of radicals today who are looking to revive the socialist movement’s best traditions. A must read for anybody looking to understand the politics and promise of the Second International.” —Eric Blanc

Entre los escombros del huracán Maria, los puertorriqueños y los “Puertopians” ultra-ricos están atrapados en una batalla campal sobre cómo reconstruir la isla. En esta vital y asombrosa investigación, la autora de best-sellers y activista Naomi Klein, revela cómo las fuerzas de las políticas de "shock" y del capitalismo del desastre, buscan minar la visión radical y resiliente de una recuperación justa.

Repair invites readers to explore the historical context for reparations, offering a detailed account of the circumstances that surrounded the emancipation of enslaved Black people in two unique contexts, the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Davis Bend, Mississippi, Jefferson Davis’ former plantation.

Text Messages is the first multi-genre collection by Montreal-based Iraqi hip-hop artist, activist, and professor Yassin "Narcy" Alsalman. Composed entirely on a smartphone during air travel and married to artwork from comrades, Narcy 's writing speaks of the existential crises experienced by diasporic children of war before and during imperialism in the age of the Internet.

Inspired by the twenty-five-year history of New York’s Foundry Theatre, A Moment on the Clock of the World is an anthology of inquiry arising both within and between art and social justice practices.