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Free Palestine: A Homemade Poetry Reading

A poetry reading dedicated to our Palestinian comrades on Nakba Day, hosted by Aja Monet.

All of our lives have been turned upside down because of COVID-19 and yet the resilience of the human spirit persists. Poetry is a way through and can help us make sense of our deepest unlanguageable emotions and experiences. Rooted in oral tradition, Homemade is a dedication for the people and is inspired by indigenous and African tradition. Our healing has always been holistic and therefore we must integrate our physical, spiritual, and mental parts in the process of healing. Poetry is our healing inheritance.

Hosted by Aja Monet, this reading series takes place every 1st and 15th of the month in homage to workers who are losing their paychecks and to help us get through in the thick of this pandemic. We offer literal healing herbal remedies as well as medicinal poems.

This poetry reading is dedicated to our Palestinian comrades on Nakba Day. This day commemorates the displacement of Palestinians and the declaration of the state of Israel. It is also known as the most catastrophic day in the history of Palestine.

Featuring: Shadia Mansour, Remi Kanazi, Tahani Salah, Amir Sulaiman, Tef Poe, Frank Waln, Dareen Tatour, Hala Alyan, Tariq Luthun, Ahmad Abuznaid, Mohammed El Kurd

  • My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter

  • Before the Next Bomb Drops

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